Laura Alary

Laura Alary

Writing stories that make us bigger on the inside

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July 29, 2020

Bees and butterflies visit our garden. We chose plants they love_Black-Eyed Susan. Echinacea. Bee Balm.Without these tiny creatures to pollinate our trees and plants,we would have no flowers or fruit.Imagine a world

When I started to write Breathe it was with the intention of focusing on the biblical stories (yes, there are more than one) of Pentecost. But I soon found myself drawn far more into exploring not so much the event itself, but its implications. What does it mean to feel the Spirit dwelling in you? What does it mean to recognize its presence in others? In the natural world?  The truth is, we are all connected in intricate–and terrifying, because connection implies vulnerability–ways. Whether or not we identify with particular religious traditions, or even consider ourselves people of faith, we can all honour that connection and look upon our environment with gratitude and reverence.

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