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What Are We Waiting For?

November 16, 2020

Every so often I will stumble across something I wrote a while back and have since forgotten about. It’s a bit like looking at an old photograph: I recognize myself, but I can also see how I have changed.

While searching for something else this afternoon, I came upon this blog post I wrote shortly before the publication of Look! A Child’s Guide to Advent and Christmas. It carried me back to a different time in my life. But it also spoke to me in new ways where I am now. I never did share it on my website, so I have decided to do so now, especially since Advent is less than two weeks away.

“Advent is a time to practise patience as something new is formed in us. Advent is a time to be particularly open to the Spirit. Advent is a time to watch for ways we can take part in transforming aworld which cries out for healing. Advent is a season for looking—searching for signs of Christ bursting into the world, and knowing that we are all invited to share in that holy work.”

Now there is a worthwhile invitation. So what are we waiting for?

You can read the whole post here:

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