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Laura Alary

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Shepherd: Discover the Best Books

March 28, 2022

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to participate in a project–a new online platform for sharing books. That sounded like my cup of tea.

I have always loved browsing bookshops and wandering through the stacks in libraries, scanning the shelves to see what catches my eye. Often a book on one topic will lead me to others. That is how Shepherd works, except in an online environment. Authors are asked to share their favourite books on topics or themes they are passionate about. As you browse, you get to know more about the writers you love, and at the same time learn about new books you might enjoy.

My contribution is “Best Books for Children About Gardening as Community Building” (guess which of my books is featured 🍅). With two new books on the way this spring I may get a chance to contribute more.

Please check my page. You might find your next favourite read!

You can find it here:

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