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Talking Maria Mitchell With Book Time

August 29, 2022 , ,

When Lisa Day invited me to talk about The Astronomer Who Questioned Everything on her blog, Book Time, I was delighted. I don’t often get an opportunity to say so much about a book, but Lisa really did question everything!

This picture book biography about Maria Mitchell is about so many things: the history of science (not only astronomy, but navigation too); the development of women’s rights, especially in the areas of education and science; finding your vocational path through trial and error; the benefits of practice (and boredom); the power of mindfulness to give us insight into ourselves.

Some of my favourite questions were:

  • What was it about her story that made you want to tell others about it?
  • What is the goal of telling Maria’s story?
  • What do you hope kids–and adults–will take away from Maria’s story?

You can read the responses–and the rest of our conversation–here.

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