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Spirituality & Practice: Review of Here

November 17, 2022

I began taking online courses from Spirituality & Practice years ago. Writers like Cynthia Bourgeault turned my comfortable ideas inside out and upside down; Jane Vennard transformed my understanding of prayer; Maggie Oman Shannon opened up my prayer practice in new and meaningful (even playful) ways. I love how Spirituality & Practice invites people to explore the life of the spirit with creativity and compassion.

I also love their book and movie reviews.

For years I have hoped that one day I would have a book reviewed on their website.

Well, guess what happened yesterday?

“How can a young child come to understand their place between the microcosm of quarks and the macrocosm of vast space? How can they begin knitting together the complex relationships between the present moment, their ancestors’ lives, and future generations? These are enormous questions, and Laura Alary — who has a background in theology and biblical studies — does not hesitate to approach them. She offers clarity and gentleness suited to five-to-ten years olds’ sensitivity about where they belong in the grand scheme of things.”

You can read the full review by Patricia Campbell Carlson here.

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