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Beautiful Blurbs for Breathe

April 10, 2021

One of the things I have often found difficult about promoting a book is asking people to endorse it. Do I approach friends? People whose work I admire and respect, but to whom I am a complete stranger? Over the years I have gotten a bit braver about asking for help in this way. Sometimes people say no, for perfectly good reasons. But sometimes they say yes.

Having written a few blurbs myself, I know that they represent an investment of thought and time that far exceeds their length. So I am always really grateful when someone does me the honour of reading one of my books and endorsing it.

In the case of Breathe I have been particularly fortunate. Endorsements have come from friends old and new, and from people I have never met (but hope to someday). Some of these people are professional educators, others are writers and artists, a few are professors in different fields. All of them have a great sensitivity and appreciation for how a picture book can have something worthwhile to say to all ages.

I was hoping to find a way to gather these words of encouragement together, but Paraclete Press did it for me, creating a beautiful collection of endorsements which I am proud to share here.

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