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Breathe on Food and Faith Podcast

April 10, 2021

Back in December I joined Derrick Weston and Anna Woofenden on the Food and Faith Podcast to talk about What Grew in Larry’s Garden. I enjoyed myself so much that when I knew the launch of Breathe was approaching I was bold enough to ask if I could make a return visit.

My justification for wanting to talk about my newest book is that there is a whole of food in Breathe! In those 32 pages, people do a lot of planting, weeding, tending, harvesting, cooking, sharing, and eating together.

As I said to Derrick during our conversation, food appears in three main ways: 1) Building community through shared meals (including extending hospitality and care to those who cannot be physically present; 2) Caring for the environment; 3) Using the symbolism of food (vine and branches, eucharistic elements of bread and wine) to express the mystery of one the many can be connected as one.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Derrick and highly recommend the Food and Faith Podcast–not just my episode! You can listen to our conversation here:

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