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It’s Time to Breathe: A Review

April 10, 2021

“In Breathe Laura has woven a silken thread of our breath through each of these days and season, masterfully tying them to each other from the moment the disciples hold their breath at Christ’s Ascension, through to their breathing in of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and on to the apostles breathing out of God’s love into a growing and changing world. By dividing her work into three distinct sections Laura allows us to experience each day and season on its own while also building a clear connection between each. In each she has provided a rich and descriptive retelling of the biblical story, a contemporary story explaining and reflecting on the time being celebrated, and play-filled suggestions for family activities and conversations to experience together.”

 Many thanks to Tori Smit, Regional Minister for Faith Formation for the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda (The Presbyterian Church in Canada) for her thoughtful, practical, and beautifully written review of Breathe.

You can read the complete review here:

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